I have tried to make my website a clearing house of resources, gathered to help those with one student on their homeschooling journey, as well as for a new homeschooler, no matter the family size.

Find the link tabs in the left column.

I have been teaching dog obedience since 2004 and want to offer my services to you. Details on that page.

I have been an artist all my life and have worked on commission before (with artwork, paintings, and murals). Check out "Hire an Artist" for details--and both "Artwork" and "Murals" to see some of my work. As I paint more, I will be publishing more of my work for you to see.

An overview of who I am is in "Biography" and the "Family Gallery" has photos of me and my family.

The Blog, I haven't been able to update in a very long time, but hope springs eternal, and you never know--so feel free to check back.

The Homeschooling Methods & Links page has the various homeschooling methods listed with corresponding links to help you in your research no matter how many students you have.

The Products page is about the book I wrote, as well as other resources that I have available for you.

I created the Homeschooling Only One message board (affectionately called “HOOville”) so those on this journey with one student could network with others. Please feel free to join and start posting! I would love to talk to you! There will never be any pop-up advertisements as I see this message board as a ministry for you.

The HOO E-Groups page has a listing for email lists I have found that cater to the HOO'er. Some are specific to a locale, homeschooling or spiritual philosophy, and not open for anyone joining. Others are open to all and ask that spiritual and controversial discussions not take place on the list. There are even ones just for grandparents who are home educating grandchildren. Be sure to read over each one's rules and be courteous to heed them.

HOO Links is a list of sites that I have found for those homeschooling only one with articles or pertinent information. If any of the links turn up bad, please send me an email with "HOO website issues" in the subject line. And likewise, if you know of a place on the web that supports those HOO, and I don't have it listed, please email me with the link! Thanks!

Homeschooling Only One
I was interviewed by Jube from
The Homeschooler Next Door. com

I am interview #16.

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The Press Room page contains images for you to use to link to my website, as well as press releases.

I have not been able to upload any reviews as yet, but have plans to do so.

I have a Cafe Press site that has several different designs concerning HOO'ing.

And Homeschooling Only One has a Facebook page you can join and interact with other HOO'ers.

Eclectic Homeschool Online Reviews posts Larrisa McKay’s extensive review list. This link is a drop-down window also: it gives you the site where a lot of material over the years have been reviewed, as well as a link to the review that was posted on my own book.

Message Boards are a great place to connect and network with others. I have two that I've frequent or have in the past. Great group of people--lots of info available throught them.

Security Tango is a great site to help you keep your computer safe.

I have left a link to my dog obedience club's website. Great bunch of people belong to this group. They have a Facebook presence also.

I hope you find information useful to you as you home educate your child(ren). Most of the links do have to do with "homeschooling only one," but several of the pages/sites can be helpful if you have more than one child or if you are a new homeschooler.

I'm glad to help you along the way here. Contact me if you have problems or questions, and I'll help if I can.
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