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Basic Dog Obedience
Private Lessons at Your Location
Refresh Your Dog's Manners!
I have taught beginners-obedience group classes for my local dog club since 2004. There have been various class sizes, including one-on-one. I have always loved animals, dogs especially, and enjoy helping their owners with their training needs.

I teach with positive reinforcement methods (including treats). I do not teach "clicker training" per se, but can help you if you are using this technique. If you choose to have a 10 week course, you and your dog will learn all the basic commands plus a few extra fun things: Sit, Down, Heel, Loose-leash Walking, Leave It, Beg, Shake, Touch, and Settle (or Mat). You will learn about the Three Ds: Distance, Duration, Distraction.

Classes will generally last an hour, as dogs of all ages tend to shut down if you press them for a longer period of time. I have an hourly rate so that I can stay longer to discuss your specific questions and issues, without engaging the dog. A dog who is stressed, or tired, is a dog that you should not be teaching. They will not be able to understand as well as when they are fresh and excited "to play." Training should be like play for your puppy or dog. Continuing to drill a dog will just upset and frustrate both you and your dog. If you have a puppy, we may need to have frequent breaks for the puppy during the class hour, but we can discuss issues during those breaks.
for puppies and dogs 4mos & older
Classes are held at your choice of location. Travel up to 15 miles is included in the base rate with no extra charge. If farther, the hourly charge begins and ends at 15 miles from my home base (south of downtown Fort Worth), and $0.50 will be charged for each additional mile beyond.

Hourly rate is $40 with a one hour minimum. Additional consultation will be at the hourly rate, billed in quarter hour (15-min) increments: 15 minutes = $10.

Classes can be only one class or a hundred. You can pay as you go for as many classes as you want. They can be taken once a week or three times a week, whatever you desire. Payment is due at the end of each session. If you choose to preschedule ten (10) sessions, the last two sessions will be at no charge (a 20% discount). This is only available if you sign up for 10 classes.
Fee Structure
A Happy Dog is a Dog who has been given a job.
Training gives that Dog a job.

Basic Obedience for an untrained dog.
Refresher Course for an older dog.
Good Manners for All Dogs.
Updated on June 12, 2012
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