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I have been an artist all my life. I enjoy painting and drawing. My speciality would be landscapes and animals, cartoonish or realistic.

I have done several kinds of murals: child's rooms, children's pastor's office, garden-themed room, and church nursery. To see examples of my work, please click on both buttons "Artwork" and "Murals," to the left. Both pages can be used to help determine the painting style you require. Check back to see other samples as they are added.


Prices vary depending on how much of a wall/window will be covered (Noah's Ark vs. Garden trellis & fence), how many walls the painting will take (1, 2, or all 4, for example), and so on.

Generally, simple, less-detailed, one-wall murals may start at $250. Four walls, painted from ceiling to floor, with a lot of detail can start at $2,000. Prices will be provided once I have an idea of what you want, and I show you a sample drawing of the completed project. Prices can be discussed and altered at that point, with discussion of what items can be simplified, added or removed. Generally two appointments will be needed at the location of the mural for me to see the room (initial appointment) and then to show you where items will be painted (second appointment), with the start-date of the actual painting process at some time after the 2nd appt.

Estimated start and completion times will be provided; typically, murals may take anywhere from three days to a month. Every effort will be made to be accurate within three days. Preferred work times are between 11am to 5/6pm daily, with the actual schedule being set up during the consultation phase.

I prefer to work from start to finish on one mural at a time, enabling me to focus and provide the highest-quality finished product. I will finish painting each one before starting the next (although I may work on smaller paintings concurrently).

Half of final price will be required on the first day of painting, with the other half on the last day of painting.


Prices vary, depending on how detailed it is, its size (e.g. 4"x6", 8"x10", 20"x16") and whether a frame will be provided or not. One appointment will be needed to discuss specifics needed for your painting, with a phone call following to give you the price. I can meet you to receive half of the final price before I start painting, with the other half payable at delivery. Paintings take an average of a week to complete (longer on larger projects), depending on the size, medium used, and detail needed. Many can be completed within two to four days. Paintings and murals may be worked on at the same time. You will be kept up-to-date on the painting's progress, if it takes longer than a week.
Original paintings can be tailor-made to your need:
matching your decor or your personal flair.
Original paintings make a great gift!
Updated on June 12, 2012
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