If you are in the Fort Worth area and are interested in having some artwork, done for yourself, your children or their room, or your business, please contact me. I am also available to create a special mural for your home. For samples of murals I've done, click the Murals link on the left.
Coat of Arms in Watercolor
This watercolor is of a Coat of Arms I created for an Elder at our former church. I was commissioned by another church member and given a free hand.

I collected information about the man, if I didn't know myself. I contacted his wife to get some specific material, without telling her for what reason I needed the information. I did some research on both the colors and elements of the Arms.
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Updated on June 12, 2012
I chose the type of mantle, wreath, helmet, and the antlers to the helmet. The items on each ordinaire (both sides of the shield itself) had personal meaning for the man. His wife provided a motto he had coined for himself and family. I placed it in the scroll below the shield. I also had the motto translated into Latin in the scroll below the shield. Every element had a meaning and that information was placed on the back of the painting so the family would be able to interpret this family heirloom as they pass it down in the future.
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I recently took an online class for drawing pets from photos. I hope to continue my work in this area and take commissions for those who want either a drawing or a watercolor of their pet. Currently I don't have any watercolor examples, but check back and I will be adding them very soon. Here are some examples of my work. The first four are from the text book the class was using and the rest are from my friends and self. Photos on the left, my drawings on the right.
There's more Coming!
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