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Mike was 3˝ years old when I had decided to paint a mural on his wall. I started with the palm trees since we had a "toy hammock." Then I figured it was his room, so I asked what he wanted on his walls. He asked for one lion, than another, then a zebra, and so forth. From the start, he kept asking for a Christmas tree and I kept thinking I didn't want a very "seasonal" thing to be on the wall, but finally I "got" it. It's his room! If he wants a Christmas tree, then he can have one. So there was no "theme" but I gave the child what he wanted.

Oh, and if you see the brown smudges on the Christmas tree... I left my palette on the shelves next to his bed at naptime. At first I wasn't happy with it, but then I thought, it's HIS room, if he wanted to put his mark on it, so be it. So I never "corrected" it.
Our former church's Children's Pastor was going on vacation for a week and I was asked by the office staff to paint a mural in his office. I chose Noah's Ark and painted it on the one wall facing the door that members would be entering. I overlapped just a little bit on the interior office door's corner wall with the giraffe's tail. I chose to put the theme at the time that the animals have been released from the Ark, and while Noah and his family (wife, 3 sons, and their wives) were sacrificing their thanks to God for bringing them safely thru the Flood. Overall, I painted the rainbow, God's Promise that He would not destroy the Earth by Flood. Sorry for the colors not relating well; pictures were taken with an old digital camera.
A friend wanted a mural in one of her daughter's room and asked if I would paint it. As I recall I was given fairly free rein. I chose another picket fence with ivy, similar to the church's nursery. I painted an arbor in the corner in such a way that while standing diagonally from it, the corner would "disappear" (to a certain degree).

The friend has since moved from this house, and I wonder if the new owners liked the mural and kept it.
Updated on June 12, 2012
If you are in the Fort Worth area and are interested in having some artwork, done for yourself, your children’s room, or your business, please contact me. I am also available to create a special mural for your home, large or small. For samples/styles of other kinds of artwork I've done which can become a mural, click the Artwork link on the left.
Our former church was recreating their Bed Babies room and asked me to paint it. It was painted a pale yellow on all four walls. I bought one actual fence-picket and had it cut down to the height I wanted, then traced the picket on the wall at intervals. Then added stencils (ivy and some of the animals) as well as my own free hand artwork. I've heard from the mothers that some babies were more interested in the walls than nursing or eating.
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