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Janet K wrote this article for The Home Front, the military homeschoolers’ e-newsletter. She is a lovely lady who has joined my HOO message board also.
Not necessarily Christian or nonChristian from what I’ve seen, this site has lots of pages. Here's one about those who have only children, by choice or by circumstance.

This group is public and has a membership of 2,460 members. It was created March, 2008.
The Parents Review, Volume XII, p. 609, dated 1901
“The Education of an Only Child”
by Mrs. Clement Parsons
The Parents Review is a magazine that was sent to parents and teachers of Charlotte Mason's schools and correspondence-type homeschools between about 1890 and 1920 (?).
I like this quote from the above article:
But nowadays, owing to the spread of the feeling of paternal responsibility, another phase has set in, and our "spoilt" only child is a harried and over-supervised and over-scrutinized being, whose parents have never been able to forget the fact of his natural handicap, and in consequence have never let him be for a single day since he was born. In their over-anxiety on the score of their child's "onliness" they have lost the simple and common-sense outlook, and forgotten the golden promise that in quietness and in confidence shall be their strength.
There are good elements in this article, but there is a recurring theme of onlies need to be put into a institutional environment early on. I know for a fact by living this life with my son (and also as an Only myself), that it is not necessary for a child to be with children every day for hours on end, as we would gather from this article written in 1901. So take that which echoes in your spirit and leave the rest.
                                                                                              ~~Donna C
Small article entitled Homeschooling the Single Child.
Doesn’t have any new and exciting things we don’t already know, but at least it’s addressing those who have only one.
There is a section for Homeschooling:
Parents of Onlies Message Board:
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