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Those Homeschooling Only One Not Alone!

Fort Worth, Texas—January 18, 2010— The homeschooling community is not only composed of large-sized families but also with many families having only one child. These families face different challenges which have neither been voiced, nor addressed before. For many years there has been nothing available for those in this special segment of the homeschooling community. Not any longer! Donna Conner has written a book supporting those homeschooling families who only have one student, no matter in what context (first-, last-, only-, or grand-child). As Mary Hood, author of The Relaxed Home School states, Mrs. Conner’s book "...fits an often overlooked niche in the homeschooling world.” Homeschooling Only One has already sold in at least half the states in the United States, as well as to South Korea via Military Post Office, to Canada, and to Australia.

This book not only gives an overview of homeschooling methods, but also looks at them with the viewpoint from one who has only one child. Mrs. Conner gives specific information about her own family’s homeschooling journey through their first nine years. Impressed with the book, Larissa McKay of Eclectic Homeschool Association ( told her readers, “Think of Homeschooling Only One as a diamond of the homeschool book world.” New homeschoolers, even those who have more than one child, may find a jewel in this book. Even support group leaders have found it helpful to better understand some of their members' perspectives. Chris Klicka, author, speaker, and Senior Counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, stated, “Donna shows that home schooling is the best way to teach your child and gives very practical tips on how you can capitalize on the strengths and benefits of teaching just one."

Families who have reviewed this book have been full of praise. One single mom in Texas, homeschooling a son while her daughter attends public school, shared, “Donna is at all times honest, personable, and down to earth. After reading her thoughts on this topic you will feel as if you’ve had a good long visit with an old friend over a cup of tea." While a Louisiana mom homeschooling her son wrote, “Homeschooling Only One is awesome, full of information! I wish I would have had access to a book like this when I first started homeschooling our only son. This book is good for anyone homeschooling an only child or even multiple children. The references are truly a treasure for anyone homeschooling."

This book, and the help Mrs. Conner offers through her website (, merits your time and investigation. Homeschooling Only One is indeed a great asset especially for those with only one child, but can be a benefit to anyone in the homeschool community. Genuine support can be found there, as well as a place where one can connect with others in this journey of homeschooling only.


Donna Conner, author
Homeschooling Only One
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